Dig Deep Tee

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Dig Deep.

This is something that we all must do when we’re working towards the best version of ourselves or when we’re faced with adversity in life.

Maybe it’s in the gym during a hard set or maybe while we’re working on a difficult task in our job. It could be a challenging situation we might be going through that we’re struggling to overcome.. The bottom line is that we have more in us to give and we’re better than whatever may be trying to tear us down.

We have the choice to stop when we’re tired or quit when things are hard. We can also decide to search within ourselves and tap into something more powerful. To dig deep and pull out those extra reps. To go the extra mile.. To find that strength and courage to press forward when life seems like it’s against us.

We can accomplish more..

We can do more..

We can overcome MORE..

All we have to do is “Dig Deep” to find the strength and courage to press forward no matter how difficult things may seem. Full product details shown below.

  • 4.3oz 
  • 60/40 cotton/polyester blend 
  • Athletic fit
  • Anthony wears a L at 5’10. Brittany wears S at 5’5.