About us: Our brand is for the people who stay true to themselves despite being faced with constant pressure from the outside world to change who they are. It is a mindset for those who refuse to stray from what they stand for and believe in. The brand stems from a deep passion of health and fitness but we apply it to every aspect of our lives. We aim to encourage people to take pride in who they are and to live life on their terms. Our desire is for this brand to serve as a daily reminder for us all that staying true to ourselves and embracing our own uniqueness is one of life’s ultimate victories. 

 The brand was originally founded in 2016 by Anthony Confessore. Anthony grew up his whole life a competitive athlete participating in numerous sports which ultimately lead him into natural bodybuilding. Although he began weight training at the age of 13, he did not participate in his first natural bodybuilding competition until he was 20 years old. From the beginning of his fitness journey, Anthony has vowed to remain a natural bodybuilder. He takes an immense amount of pride in this and encourages others to lead a healthy lifestyle as well. Ultimately, Anthony aims to motivate people to always remain true to themselves and what they believe in. 

Availability: Each and every product we make is created with pride. Our goal is not to aimlessly pump out large quantities of product. That being said, inventory is limited. We do not keep a large stock of items on hand. We aim to create uniquely designed products that have a special meaning to us that we hope you will be able to relate to your own life as well.

Returns and Exchanges: We want people to truly be happy with the products they wear. We understand that there are many options of clothing available to you and understand that you work extremely hard for your money. Taking this into consideration, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. We accept all returns and exchanges as long as the items are in their original condition. If you wish to return or exchange anything, we will accept them up to 30 days after purchase.