My weight lifting journey started around the age of 12 years old as a means to keep out of trouble in school and to channel my frustrations from every day life. Growing up and getting involved in weight training I immediately fell in love with it and began researching and reading as much as I could. I wanted to learn as much as possible. I remember telling someone that I wanted to look like the guy on the cover of the first muscle and fitness magazine I picked up. Later on I was told that he had only looked that way due to certain substances he was using. I was left feeling very disappointed, mislead and confused. It was at that moment that I told myself I would dedicate myself to being the best that I can be all on my own.    

I continued to research and train and as the years went on and throughout high school I had made some fairly impressive progress. Although at one point in my life in my college years, I did hit an all time low and allowed myself to gain an unhealthy amount of weight. After some time I was able to regain my focus and make the change to better myself both physically and mentally. Fast forward to now and I have competed twice as a natural bodybuilder with the goal in mind of eventually becoming a professional natural bodybuilder. I didn’t grow up with the intent to ever compete as a in bodybuilding but I grew up being competitive in many different sports.  I find it to be extremely rewarding knowing that everything I’ve accomplished in the gym and in my physique has been a direct results of patience, hard work and dedication.

My ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire young fitness enthusiasts much like my younger self  to accept the challenge of remaining a drug free athlete and seeing what they are truly capable of all on their own.