10/30 Release

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10/30 Release

What’s up everyone! If you’re here reading this blog right now I first just want to say thank you for taking the time to do so. Life has been rather busy the past few months since the last release earlier this spring. I’ve personally had a lot of ups this year and have made some incredible memories a long the way. I’ve also, however, been reminded of how life can truly be so unpredictable and have gone through some challenging times that required me to search within myself and remind myself of who I am. 

This newest release has been something I’ve been working on for the past several months. The idea behind it is something that I work to remind myself of daily. Whether I’m in the gym working through a hard set, or if I find myself dealing with a challenging time. “You Have More” is a reminder that no matter what we are working towards in life/at work, or whatever difficult situation we may be going through, we ALL have more inside of us.

I believe that we are meant to chase our greatest form. That we’re here on earth to not just “exist” but to constantly work towards improvement.. in all aspects. I believe we can all accomplish more.. do more and overcome more. 

Now of course at times this might be easier said than done. This however, is the exact moment that we have to search within ourselves. This is when we must “dig deep” and continue to press forward.. Once we decide not to quit and refuse to let whatever obstacle it is in front of us get the better of us then there is nothing we cannot accomplish or overcome.

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