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What’s goin onnnnn guys?! Hope you all enjoyed the wonderful weekend we had.. Especially all the rain that we got yesterday NOT lol. After a pretty unsuccessful fishing trip Saturday, Sunday was a pretty chilled out day for myself. Checked in with my online clients, got my session in, ran some errands.. Nothing too crazy but I’m hoping to get out and do something outdoors this coming weekend! Nonetheless, today was a productive start to the week! Got in an awesome training session with my guy Steve. We actually hit a workout together for my channel about a week ago....

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Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. After getting beat up by last weeks humidity I'm definitely enjoying the cooler weather this week. So there's something that Iv'e been wanting to discuss with you all. I actually already had mentioned this in on my IG story earlier this week however, I wanted to make note of it here as well for those of you who enjoy keeping up with the blog.  As you all probably know from Instagram, Snap chat etc, I currently am hosting season two of my 30 Day Lean and Mean Challenge....

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