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Good morning everyone and happy Friday! Got in an early session this morning! I pulled up to the gym at 5am lol. Trained chest solo so I played it safe and stuck to dumbbells for my pressing movement today to start off the workout. Kept a really tight pace and had a sick pump by the time I finished! Super easy workout to follow but everything felt great. Have at it and enjoy! Details on my next 30 day challenge releasing this weekend!  1) Incline dumbbell press 20/20/15 (Warm up sets 40lbs-60lbs) Work sets: 80lbs/12 90lbs/10 90lbs/7 80lbs/10 70lbs/10  2)...

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Well I haven't put up a chest workout in a while so I made sure to write yesterdays workout down in my training journal for you guys! I've been VERY consistent with hitting the flat bar since getting better at it has been a huge priority of mine. However, Monday is international chest day soooo it was a little difficult getting one yesterday lol. I'm not the type of guy to sit and wait for something either so dumbbells it was! This was a really great workout overall and the dumbbells were a good change. I felt really strong so...

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Got in a good one yesterday man! Haven't hit the flat bench in three weeks so I knew I wanted to start off with it. Very pleased with how things shaped up there and it set the tone for the rest of the workout. Really focused on moving weight yesterday all around. To be quite honest, I don't even have much to say about the workout because it was that good! I'll share the full workout below, if you guys have any questions on anything, feel free to email me directly here: 1) Flat bench 20/10 (warm up sets)...

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