2.12.22 Dedication Release

2.12.22 Dedication Release

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So here we are. Ready to finally release the newest addition to our apparel collection. If I’m being honest, we did run into some difficulties this time around during the production process.. delays on delays that were out of our control but we finally were able to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m really proud of these tees. I wanted to take a step outside of my comfort zone this time around and venture into a different style of apparel I haven’t worked with before.


The concept behind this piece is one that truly means a lot to me. In my opinion, motivation is not something that should be sought after. It doesn’t last and isn’t something that will ever get you to the next level in what it is you do. Of course there’s time I myself “feel motivated” more so than others, but that comes from maybe a line in a certain song, a scene from a movie, etc. That feeling of motivation, however, comes and goes and on the days that are really.. really tough.. there’s something else inside of us that needs to be tapped into. Something deeper that needs to be reached in order to accomplish whatever the given task at hand may be. That’s where dedication comes in.


Dedication by definition means to be devoted to a certain task or purpose. There’s a sense of loyalty behind it. I’ve been asked before how is it I can go to the gym day in and day out. How can I wake up at the crack of dawn on days I need to and train. How I can make it through a prep for a show. How I can push myself constantly to do more and achieve more physically in the gym. My answer is always “I’m dedicated not motivated.” I am dedicated to being the best I can be physically and mentally in all that I do and encourage others to adapt the same mindset. Whether it be in the gym, on the field, or at your job, you must remain dedicated to fulfill your true potential.


There’s nothing wrong with being motivated.. Just don’t depend on it because  it is a fragile state of mind and will easily break when the world is against you. Stay dedicated.. Stay passionate. Your dedication to yourself and the task at hand will see you through your hardest/darkest days no matter how hard they may seem.

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