A quick back day that will WRECK you!

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A quick back day that will WRECK you!

Whats going on guys?! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! So I had a bit of an unusual Monday yesterday and I was busier than normal.. Due to the nature of my day, I only had about an hour to train with NO wiggle room whatsoever. I had back as my planned workout for the day, which sometimes can take me more than an hour depending on the day. That being said, I had to configure a workout that would kick my ass in a rather short amount of time!

I ended up hitting four movements in total, finishing with dead's. Now normally, dead lift's would be one of my starting exercises on a heavy back day, but I knew it would take me a while to warm up and I couldn't afford to do so. I still wanted to get the movement in so what I did was simply use it as my finishing exercise!

Being I was already warm by the time I started them, I was able to get right to a working weight of 300lbs and hit it for three high rep sets! My lungs were screaming and I was definitely feeling this one by the time I was done. This is definitely a workout I would and WILL do again! Moral of the story is don't be afraid to simply change the order in which you do things. It can be a good change of pace and completely change the dynamic of the workout. Try this one out and let me know what you think!

1) Cable Lat pullovers 4X20 (Can be performed with a dumbbell if you don't have access to cables!) 

2) Pendlay Row 15/(Warm up) 15/12/12/10

3) Single arm Dumbbell row 15/15/15

4) Barbell dead lift's 20/15/15 (I used 300lbs, scale to your own needs. Use about 60% of your max weight) 


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