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Arms 1/15

Hey guys! Don't think I forgot about you this week lol. I've been waiting to share a workout that's a little more unique and different from my typical workouts. Yesterdays arm workout was just that! Brittany and I decided to run superset's all the way though this one and my arms felt like they were going to explode by the last set!! We got in a good mix of machine and free weight movements all within the rep ranges of 10+ (As high as 30 to start) I do enjoy higher rep training for arms but keep in mind just because the reps are high does not mean the weight is light! Anyway this workout was quick and kick ass! Give it a shot and tag me if you do! (IG:@antconfessore) Any questions/ email me directly here: confessoreconditioning 

1) Rope pushdowns X Rope hammer curls 30/30 25/25 20/15 12/12 drop 20/20 

2) Incline dumbbell skull crushers X incline dumbbell curls 20/15 15/12 12/12 10/8 

3) Machine dips X dumbbell hammer curls 20/20 20/15 20/15 


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