Arms 12/26

Hey guys, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! I had a little bit of a late start to my day but I managed to get in a decent arm workout earlier this afternoon with a couple different rep ranges. Normally I would start with triceps but I decided to switch it up for today’s workout! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions just reach out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

1) Straight bar cable curl 20/20 (Warm up sets)

20/15/12 drop 15 

2) Straight bar cable push downs 20/20/20/20

- I chose a challenging working weight and pushed myself to get 20 reps on each set.

3) Incline dumbbell curls 12/10/8/8

- Be mindful of the weight you use for these! I was only using 30-35lbs.

4) Cable kickbacks 15/15/12/12 

- More often than not I would use dumbbells for these but the cable makes for a slightly different feel. 

5) Lying rope attachment curls 20/15/15/12 

- Choose a weight that you can hold for a brief pause. These should be controlled, strict reps!

6) Barbell skull crushers X close grip presses 

10/12 10/12 8/10

- Really tried to go as heavy as I could on these without breaking form being it was the end of the workout. 

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