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Arms 2/25

Whats going on everybody! I know my blog has been a little quiet the past week or so while I was away but I am BACK and picking up right where we left off with one hell of an arm workout from yesterday! I've had really good sessions the past few days and have been loving every second of it. Being away for a week and really getting to unplug physically AND mentally felt very good but I am happy to be back in my normal routine! Anyway, let me get to the workout. So I typically like to alternate between bicep and tricep exercises when I train arms but yesterday I decided to finish one before starting the other. A lot of variety in this one but I have a feeling you'll enjoy it. The pump this one gave me was insane! 

1) Tricep EZ bar push downs 25/20(warm up) 20/15/12/8/8

2) EZ bar skull crushers X close grip press (Same weight on each exercise, I was using an 80lb bar) 12/12 12/12 10/10 10/10

3) Dumbbell kickbacks 15/15/15

4) Rope push downs 20/20/20 drop 10 

5) Rope hammer curls 25/20/20/20

6) EZ bar giant set: This was performed as a "Giant set" Meaning, there were three "mini sets" performed in a single working set. Think about it as the opposite of a drop set. The weight you use will increase each set, but the reps will decrease! I started with 50lbs for 12 reps, moved to 60lbs for 10 reps and finished with 70lbs for 8 reps. That entire cycle equals one FULL set. Repeat this 2 more times for the bicep pump of your life! 

7) Standing alternating dumbbell curl 12/12/10/8


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