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Arms 2/5

Hey guys! Alright so, here we go with yesterdays arm workout.. In the past, I honestly was not a big fan of arm training as it was somewhat boring to me. I personally love the compound, heavy movements where I'm working multiple muscles at once. Arm exercises aren't all that exciting for me but over the years I've found ways to train them that have become more enjoyable. One of the biggest things that I've changed is that when I do train arms, I like to alternate back and forth between a bicep and tricep exercise. This keeps things interesting since every other exercise I am working a different part of the arm and it also will leave you with a crazy pump! Yesterdays workout started off with some heavier movements before finishing off with some higher reps. Definitely give this routine a go and let me know what you think! I hope you all have a great day and Thanks for reading these training blogs! 

1) EZ bar curls 15/15 (warm up) 

work sets: 10/10/8/8 drop 10

2) Close grip bench 12/10/8/8

3) Single arm dumbbell preacher curl 12/10/10

4) Underhand tricep pushdown 20/15/12/10 drop 15

5) Incline dumbbell skull crushers X dumbbell hammer curls (Video for reference on IG: @antconfessore) 

12/20 12/15 10/15 

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