Arms!!! 8/12

Good Morning guys, and Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is having a productive week thus far, I know I am! Training has been great this week. I feel really good and am looking forward to finishing the week out strong. I am hoping to get my hands on a bit more equipment come the end of this month. It's damn near impossible to find anything right now because the demand for gym equipment is so much higher than the current supply. Absolute madness.

I am still hopeful that things turn around, and gyms can finally reopen before the end of this year. Anyway, I've got yesterdays full arm workout for you. If you aren't able to perform everything in the workout do what you can and than substitute the rest. Have at it and enjoy! 

1) Standing dumbbell curl 15/12 (warm up) 


*Last set was performed in static hold fashion. One arm stays fixed at 90 degrees while the other arm performs five reps. Repeat until both arms have done ten reps, then perform five more reps all together. 

2) Tricep rope push downs 30/20/15/15 

3) Rope attachment hammer curls 20/20/20/20

4) Dumbbell tricep extensions behind head 12/10/8

5) Dumbbell preacher curl 12/8/8

6) Close grip bench press 15/10/8/10

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