At home workout!!!! "100"

At home workout!!!! "100"

Hey guys whats going on? I know how strange and difficult life is right now for all of us.. It's not enjoyable by any means BUT, we will get through this!!! I know a lot of us (Myself included) are missing the gym A LOT right now. I've been helping my clients get their workouts in from home and I thought if I can help them, then maybe I can help someone else out there as well! Sooo... I figured I would share one of my at home full body workouts that you guys can give a try! This is a rather simple routine that requires absolutely NO equipment what so ever. This workout is called "100". Basically, you will move from five different exercises, one to the next with NO BREAKS!!! Only after you finish a round (100 reps) can you rest! The goal is finish five rounds in as little amount of time as possible!!! Let me know if you give this a try and how you did. I would love to hear about it!!! Have questions? Email me here: 


Warm up: Repeat 2-3 times or until warm 

50 Jumping Jacks 

50 High Knees 


1) Body weight squats X 20

2) Burpees X 20 

3) Push ups X 20

4) Mountain Climbers X 20 

5) Russian twists X 20 (10 reps each side) 


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