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Back 1/22

Good morning guys, Hope everyone's been having a great week so far! I woke up this morning and to my surprise I was not as sore as I thought I was going to be after yesterdays back workout lol. One of my all time favorite exercises to perfor is the dead lift. I love the rush I get steeping up to a bar loaded up with heavy weight and ripping it off the floor. I felt really good yesterday so after a light warm up and some mobility work, I decided to go for an AMRAP set with 405lbs to kick off the workout. Just to note, This was after hitting 3 warm up sets with 135,225 and 315lbs. I ALWAYS take my time working up to heavy weight to make sure my body is ready to handle it. I'd much rather be safe than sorry any day.. For the extra 15-20 mins I'm at the gym for, it's worth it lol. I managed to get 15 reps which I've done only one other time. My goal, is to work this up to a 20 rep set by the end of the year. I know that might not seem like much, but keep in mind I'm talking about adding five reps without increasing my body weight any. I pride myself on staying in shape year round and wont ever sacrifice that for more weight/reps on a given exercise. Given the fact that dead lifts took up the bulk of the workout, everything else was performed with slightly less volume than I would normally perform but it was a great workout overall! So if you're hitting back between today or tomorrow, give this routine a try and tell me what you think! Just simply scale the weight to your own needs! 

Warm up: Bike 10 mins + hip/spine mobility work 

1) Deadlifts 15/12/8 (warm up sets 135lbs,225lbs,315lbs) 

Work sets: 405lbs/15 405lbs/8 315lbs/12 315lbs/12 

2) Overhand lat pulldowns 12/10/8/8

3) Iso hammer strength single arm high row 15/15/12

4) Seated Underhand machine row 15/12/10 drop set 10 

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