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Back 1/28

I gotta be honest man, the last two days it's been very hard for me to train. After hearing about the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter on Sunday, and then hearing how a teacher from my high school whom I had gotten to know very well lost a hard fought battle with cancer, has made it difficult to train with a clear head. Life is so beautiful and fragile, and unfortunately can be unfair at times as well. My prayers go out to the Bryant and Distifano families as they go through this extremely difficult time. Both men left behind legacy's and both men spoke of hard work, and being great in what you do. With those thoughts in mind I pushed through this mornings back session as best I could. It wasn't my best but I gave my best effort and will continue to do so in my work, relationships, training and everything else I ever become involved in. 

Warm up: pull ups X rope attachment pullovers (Pull ups till failure with good form, pullovers were between 12-15 reps. 3 sets total here to get the blood flowing. 

1) Hammer strength underhand pull downs 20/15/12/12/12

2) Single arm dumbbell row 10/10/8/8

3) Overhand lat pull downs 20/15/12/10

4) Bent over T bar row 20/20/20/20 

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