Back: 10/5

Whaaaat's up guys! I'm coming at you with a back workout from yesterday as per your request on the IG poll on my story! Despite traveling all weekend, I actually felt really good during this workout. Most likely because I was excited to finally have some more weight to work with. Previously I only had 300lbs but now I am fully equipped with 405lbs of fun! LOL. Anyway.. Let's get right down to the workout! 

1) Cable lat pullover on incline bench (Facing away from cable to simulate a lat pullover machine) 20/15/15 

- This was primarily used as a warm up before moving into the compound movement of the day. 

2) Pendlay row 10/10/10/10

- My weights used for reference 225lbs/275lbs/315lbs/315lbs

(I did also hit one set with 135lbs as an acclimation set before adding on more weight) 

3) Incline chest supported dumbbell row superset with underhand cable pulldown 15/12 15/12 15/12 15/12 

4) Kneeling single arm dumbbell row 12/10/10

- You will be kneeling on all fours for this movement. See my training page for a full explanation of this movement. IG:confessore_conditioning

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