Back 12/17

Very successful session yesterday. This was my first time dead lifting in a few weeks! Even though dead's are one of my favorite exercises I do still believe that sometimes you just have to step away from something and then come back to it for both the mental and physical break. I felt very good yesterday while doing them and I am excited to start progressing them again! This workout was really quite simple overall, the dead lifts did take up a good amount of time and was the bulk of the workout. The full routine went as followed! If you do use one of these workouts and share any pictures/videos on your social media make sure to tag me so I can see it! 

Warm up: 10 minutes bike 

Mobility drills: 5-10 mins 

1)Dead lifts 135lbs/225lbs/315lbs (warm up sets) 15/12/10

Work sets: 405lbs/10 415lbs/8 425lbs/6 365lbs/10

2) Seated close grip cable row 20/15/12/10 drop 10

3) Single arm hammer strength high row 12/12/10 (One arm at a time) 

4) Underhand hammer strength pull downs 12/8/8 drop set 15 

5) Seated Calve raises (Currently trainng them tues/thurs/sat) 30/30/30 

10 reps toes pointed in, 10 pointe dout, 10 pointed straight 

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