Back 12/21

What's going on guys! I hope everyone had a great weekend and got alllll their last minute shopping done! (Don't lie.. I know you put it off till the last minute LOL) 

Let's get into last nights workout though! Man this really was a great session start to finish. So I typically will always include pull ups in my back workouts. Usually either as a warm up or as a finishing movement. I just so happen to warm up with them for yesterdays workout.

After I was warmed up I got into some pendlay rows and a few other movements that I haven't hit as of late. One exercise I was dying to do that I haven't done since gyms closed are hyper extensions BUT, I figured out how to do them from home yesterday. I always loved this exercise and I believe lower back training is super important for overall health. If you want to see exactly how I did these with a flat bench then head over to my IG as I posted a video of it last night. Any questions with regard to this workout or any others please let me know! I am happy to help. Just shoot me an email directly and I will get back to you ASAP. Enjoy your day! 

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Warm up: Body weight pulls 3 sets to failure.

1) Pendlay rows 4X15 

- Start with 1-2 lighter sets to get acclimated to the exercise. You never want to jump to a "working" weight right away!

2) Incline chest suppprted dummbell row superset with underhand cable pulldown 15/15 15/12 15/12 

- Make sure you are keeping your chest on the bench the entire time. No crazy momentum to move the weight. (For reference, I was only using 50lb dumbbells) 

3) Single arm seated cable row 4X10-12 

- Focus on getting a really good stretch here and also squeezing down on the lat as you row the weight toward you. 

4) Hyper extensions 4x10-12 

- Go SLOW!!!! I often times see people do these wrong. Keep you reps slow and steady and make sure you are feeling each rep.

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