Back 12/28

Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday last week. Still crazy to me how fast they come and go each year. Nonetheless, we are finishing this year strong starting with today!

I always say I don’t have bad workouts, days, anything really. In my book it’s always good or great! After a “good” workout yesterday I really wanted to start the week off strong and I managed to do just that. We hit a more traditional, and heavy back today that felt absolutely incredible. I just installed a landmine today so I was super excited to put it to use!

This workout has a couple different heavy row variations but the reps were still pretty moderate. Don’t be afraid to push for higher reps just because the weight is heavy! Anyway.. I’ll let you guys see for yourselves.. As always hit me with any questions you might have. I’m always open to help anyway I possibly can! Enjoy 💪


1) Bodyweight pull ups 4X10

2) Underhand barbell rows 10 (warm up set with 135lbs) 12/12/10 * I then switched to an overhand grip for two more sets of 10 reps with the same weight of 225lbs. 

3) Overhand pull downs 15/15/10/10

- I jumped in weight a good amount after the second set of 15. Goal here was to really get perfectly executed and controlled reps the entire time. I probably could have pushed to 12 on the last two but like I said the goal was to be strict and hold each rep briefly at the bottom!

4) T bar rows 20/20/15/15

- Since I haven’t really hit this exercise in months, I wanted to get some reps in so I stuck to a moderate four plates on the bar and went for as many quality reps as I could. Make sure you guys get full range of motion on this. Adding more weight and using shit form is a quick way to get injured! 

5) Single arm rotational lateral pulldowns


- Basically positioned with the cable on the side of me, This is a pulldown variation  that involves an internal rotation as you pull down. (At the end of each rep, your palm should be facing your face) Goal here was to simply isolate each lat and squeeze things out to finish up.l the workout. 

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