Back & Bis 2/15

Back & Bis 2/15

Alright we’ll it’s Wednesday and today I trained back with a little bit of biceps at the end of the workout! I normally prefer to only train back by itself but since I’m still recovering from pec tear surgery I’ve been adding in some additional arm work at the end of back/shoulders to help correct atrophy I suffered from surgery. (I will be dropping this come the end of the month) 

Anyway, my back training a long with my training in general has been focused on exercises that have a greater ROI in my humble opinion This is has been so that I can recover strength/size as quickly as possible and it’s worked for me thus far.

Having said that my workouts are nothing fancy and are centered around compound movements with fairly heavy weight all the way though. I’ll list this full workout below for you guys to try and of course if you have any questions feel free to ask! 💪


1)OH lat pull-down 12/12 (Warm up sets)

Work sets: 12/8/8 *Drop 10

2)Single arm DB row 12/12/10

3)T Bar row  12/12/10/10

4)Muscle ID (Machine Make) Pull down w/ supinated grip 15/12/12/12

5)Nautilus dual row machine 15/15/15


1)Seated DB curl 10/8/8

2)Preacher machine 12/12/10



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