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Chest 1/20

Well I haven't put up a chest workout in a while so I made sure to write yesterdays workout down in my training journal for you guys! I've been VERY consistent with hitting the flat bar since getting better at it has been a huge priority of mine. However, Monday is international chest day soooo it was a little difficult getting one yesterday lol. I'm not the type of guy to sit and wait for something either so dumbbells it was! This was a really great workout overall and the dumbbells were a good change. I felt really strong so I pushed as much weight as possible early in the workout before moving onto more isolated exercises. If you're one of the people who don't hit chest Monday's then give this workout a try this week and let me know what you think! Questions? Email: 

1) Flat dumbbell 20/15/12 (Warm Up) 

Work sets: 110lbs/6 120lbs/3  100lbs/10 100lbs/8 90lbs/10 

2) Incline hammer strength press 12/10/9/8 drop 12

3) Incline dumbbell fly 12/12/10/10

4) Decline hammer strength chest press 20/15/12/12

5) Upright cable fly 12/10/10 

(This was performed in a straight up position, almost as if you are hitting a "most muscular" 

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