Chest 1/7

Hey guys, Happy Thursday! I hope everyone is out there making the most out of the first week of the new year!

I was able to get in a pretty decent chest workout yesterday. It was one of those weird ones where it ended better than it started lol. My strength levels weren’t necessarily off yesterday on the bench but, I was expecting to get a couple more reps on my work sets. Nonetheless  it was still a great workout! 

The finishing movement was probably my favorite exercise of the workout. Often times I think people forget about the fundamentals like push ups, pull ups etc. Although I don’t use them every workout, I do think they should still be Incorporated from time to time. I find something like push ups, to work really well at the end of a chest workout after you’ve already fatigued the muscle through numerous presses, flys and what have you. I actually have a video on my Instagram demonstrating the exact superset if you need it for reference. You will however find the full workout below! So, that being said.. give It a go for yourself and let me know what you think! As always I appreciate you checking out the blog and if you have any questions for me or if I could help you in anyway don’t hesitate to reach out!

1) Flat barbell bench 

10/10/5 (Acclimation sets)

3/2/2/4/4 (Main focus was pushing as much weight as possible and increasing my volume with heavier weight. First three sets were all done with 275lbs before dropping down to 255lbs)

2) Incline dumbbell press 15/12/6/10 

- My goal was to get 10 or better here each set. I jumped up in weight from the second to third set and didn’t quite get that so I decided to drop back down.

3) Chest supported cable fly 4X10-12

- You’ll want to set up an incline bench so that your back is to the cable. Lean on the bench with your feet flat on the floor and keep your Chest ON the pad the entire set! Make sure you’re getting a good contraction or “squeeze” at the top of each rep.

4) Push up X lateral raise (See IG for video)

20/15 20/15 20/15 

I wanted to finish things off by pumping as much blood into the chest as possible. What better way to do so then with good old push ups!? I then went directly into seated dumbbell lateral raises as a superset to really tie in the chest and medial delts. I’ll finish my chest workout with these from time to time in effort to add more roundness to the shoulders. 

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