Chest 11/18

1) Flat dumbbell press 10/10 (warm up sets) 


(For reference, I used 100lb dumbbells which is the heaviest I have access to. I simply went for AMRAP on every single set while remaining at a challenging weight)

2)Incline dumbbell press 12/5/10/10 

(I had jumped from 80lbs to 100lbs on the second set and fell a little short of what I originally wanted. I decided to move back down to the 80s for my last couple sets as I was aiming to make this 4 sets of 8-12 reps)

3)Incline dumbbell fly 12/12/10/10

(I went fairly heavy here! I was using 50lb dumbbells) 

4) Seated cable fly Or pec deck 15/15/12/12 drop set 15 

(I was really making sure to control every rep to leave my chest filled with as much blood as possible by squeezing at the top on each and every rep! Focus on the quality of your reps here. You’re at the end of the workout. DON’T get sloppy!)

Have at it and enjoy! Simple workout but it will get the job done. I’m a really big fan of hitting AMRAP sets as I feel they really allow you to overload the muscle and leave it completely spent!!! 

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