Chest 12/16

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Chest 12/16

Whats up guys! Sooo sorry I haven't posted a workout recently. Things were a little crazy the last month and it just completely escaped my head to be honest! BUT.. That changes today! As I've mentioned over on IG: @antconfessore. I recently decided to switch up my training split again and I moved back to training one muscle group per day. This is my favorite split I have ever utilized so I am happy to be back to it. The full split is as follows. Sunday: Quads/Hams, Monday: Chest, Tuesday: Back,calves, Wednesday: Bis/Tris, Thursday: Hams/Quads/Calves, Friday: Shoulders,Traps, Saturday: OFF (Cardio/Abs/Calves) 

Yesterdays workout was a great start to the week and I'm already getting excited thinking about today's session as I type this lol. You guys know how this works though.. I will share the full workout below and if you have any questions what so ever just email me here:

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and kicks some ass in the gym! 


1) Flat bench: 20/15/12 (Warm up sets) bar/135lbs/185lbs *I always start with the bar! 

Work sets: 225lbs/9 235lbs/6 245lbs/4 245lbs/4 225lbs/8 

2) Neutral (Supinated) grip hoist machine press: 15/10/8/8 drop 10

3) Cable fly: (positioned at medium height) 20/15/12 drop 15

4) Body weight dips: 4 X FAILURE 12/10/8/8 (Hit failure with good form. No swinging or bouncing to get more reps) 

5) Dumbbell lateral raises: 25/20/15 drop 20 (I like incorporating lateral raises to work the chest/shoulder tie in at the end of a workout. The rounder your shoulders are the smaller your waist will appear!) 

6) Cable rope crunches: 20/20/20 


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