Chest 12/9

Alright guys here we go!! Tonight’s workout went as followed. After a good de-load week I am working my way back into the heavy weights. Main focus was moving weight on the bench press. Low to moderate rep schemes all the way through the workout. Let me know if you have any questions!!! 

Warm up: Band work + shoulder mobility drills (10 mins)


1) Flat barbell press 20/10/10 (Warm up sets) 


work sets: 225/5 255/5 265/3 245/5 225/8 225/5

(Last two sets performed as pause rep sets with 2-3 second pauses)

2) Incline dumbbell press 100/7 100/6 80/10 80/10

3) Seated cable fly 15/15/12/12 

4) Low pulley incline cable fly 12/12/10 drop 10

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