Chest 9/23

Good Morning guys! I hope everyone is having a great week thus far! So normally on Wednesday's I have been training arms for the last few weeks. Yesterday however, I decided to change things up and train chest being its my weakest muscle group and Tuesdays are typically my rest day. Being I will now be a bit more fresh, I think this should make a difference in how I perform during my chest workouts so we will see how that goes for the next couple weeks!

As far as yesterdays workout goes, this was a rather simple one but really solid overall. I started off with some Incline pressing to change things up a bit as I've been using flat bench as my starting exercise as of late. Really enjoyed the flow of this workout as a whole. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Upper body mobility 5-10 mins 

1) Incline barbell press 20/15/10 (Warm up sets) 

Work sets: 8/4/6/10/10

My weight used as reference 185lbs/225lbs/205lbs/185lbs/185lbs

2) Flat dumbbell press 20/15/15/10 

(Heaviest dumbbells I had access to where 80lbs so I simply used those and went to failure all four sets!) 

3) Decline cable fly 12/12/8 drop 10 

4) Incline cable flys off bench 12/12/10/10 


  • exubdoredey – Esuzubiie Axemiuage

  • azerudowar – Ikewibe Atoyizum

  • urabina – Ewulap Inuena

  • aqomeaxitodu – Uwezag Onlaki

  • uqiwigafet – Uqoiwoqa Adapuuvep

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