Chest & Back 10/16

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Chest & Back 10/16

Got in a good one yesterday man! Haven't hit the flat bench in three weeks so I knew I wanted to start off with it. Very pleased with how things shaped up there and it set the tone for the rest of the workout. Really focused on moving weight yesterday all around. To be quite honest, I don't even have much to say about the workout because it was that good! I'll share the full workout below, if you guys have any questions on anything, feel free to email me directly here:

1) Flat bench 20/10 (warm up sets)

225lbs/9 245lbs/5 265lbs/2 225lbs/8 225lbs/6 225lbs/5

(Last three sets should be performed at roughly 80% of your max for as many reps as possible) 

2) Pendlay row 225lbs/12 315lbs/8 335lbs/6 335lbs/6 

3) Incline hammer strength press 12/8/4/10

4) Hammer strength high row 15/12/12/10

(If you don't have access to this machine, any unilateral row will work perfectly) 

5) Cable chest fly superset cable press 3 sets each exercise 12/12 12/10 10/10

(Cables are positioned to a medium height)

6) Weighted pull ups 4 sets till failure 

(I added 25lbs here, if you cant perform pull ups by yourself, hit assisted pull ups for 4 sets 10-12 reps) 

Anthony Confessore 

Owner: Confessore Conditioning

"Create The Best You"

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