Chest&Back 10/3

Chest&Back 10/3

Yesterday’s session was a little bitter sweet for me. I have a slight pain in my left hamstring from last week that’s still bothering me. Luckily, I don’t believe it to be anything serious considering how heavy I was able to go yesterday on deadlifts. I probably should have skipped the movement all together but I just couldn’t help myself being it is one of my favorites.I was some what smart considering I used the hex bar rather than a straight bar to perform my deads.

The hex bar is a great tool for those of you that may have lower back issues. Due to the change in position, a hex bar allows us to stay more upright as we lift and takes pressure off the lower back. This also makes it a better option for athletes because there is less risk of injury to occur so considering my the current condition of my hamstring, it made sense! Fortunately It hasn’t gotten any worse, however I do still feel it on certain exercises once I hit a certain weight. I’m hoping it resolves itself on its own within the next week or so!

As I mentioned, although I didn’t quite get to deadlift how I wanted to, I was still able to make progress elsewhere which I was very excited about. One thing I always push onto people is to CHASE PROGRESS. Literally, every single time I step foot in the gym I am trying to improve on something. Whether it be one more rep at a certain weight, more weight on a certain exercise etc. Progress is the name of the game and if you walk into the gym and simply flow through motions you may as well just go home because you’ll only be wasting your time.

So as I said, I did manage to walk away with a small victory last night! My chest has always been my weakest body part in terms of strength. However, I have been working at it EXTREMELY hard as of late and it’s been paying off! Yesterday I took the 110lb dumbbells for a ride and managed to get six reps which is TWO more reps than I managed two weeks ago. I would have been happy and content with one more but the fact I was able to get two made my day that much sweeter. Being able to see physical progress like that after putting in the work day in and day out is a feeling that is hard to replicate.

All in all it was a very good session and this week has been pretty successful so far overall. Once this hamstring is completely healed I’ll feel even better but In the meantime I’m going to “try” and play it as smart as I can lol. Anyway, I’m going to share the full workout from yesterday below! If you guys happen to have any questions in regards to it feel free to email me directly at:


1)Trap bar deadlift: 15/12/10/10/4

2)Flat dumbbell press: 12/6/6/4 drop set 10

3)Close grip lat pulldown SS Cable flys 20/20 15/20 12/15 8/15

4)Incline bench dumbbell row SS Incline dumbbell press 15/10 15/10 12/8 12/8

5)EZ bar cable lat pullovers 20/15/12 drop set 10

6)Rope attachment cable crunches 20/20/20

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