Chest & Back 10/7

Chest & Back 10/7

Whats up guys?! I hope you all had a great weekend.I myself got to kick the first weekend of October off with lots of fall things and enjoyed every minute of it lol. Definitely entering some of my favorite months of the year!

So I had a super productive start to the week yesterday. Last nights training session was unbelievably on point!! Chest and back was in order for the day with an emphasis on chest. I really had wanted to hit the flat bench yesterday but unfortunately was not able to do so because #InternationalChestDayProblems lol. So I had to settle for an incline bench instead.

The early portion of this workout was really focused on moving as much weight as possible. So I started out going rather heavy on the incline presses performing sets of 5 reps or less. I was actually able to squeeze five reps out of 225lbs which was one more rep than my previous session. After I hit that it set me up for a very successful workout to follow. 

When I train chest and back together which I have been doing for roughly two months now, I always get in two big power movements early on in the workout. Last night as I mentioned I started out with incline barbell presses for chest and right after that moved onto pendlay rows for back which have actually become a real favorite of mine recently. 

The rest of the workout to follow was comprised of some slightly higher reps. Don't be confused though.. Just because you may see me perform a set of 20 reps that does not mean the weight is "light" by any means. Lately I enjoy using a wide variety of rep ranges in my training largely depending on the exercise itself but I am always training heavy and hard. The number one factor that remains consistent in my workouts is my level of intensity. I attack every workout the same way. It doesn't matter if I'm training arms and am working off of a machine, or hitting heavy squats. I give my all into every single set I do and in my opinion that's the only way to train! 

As promised though I will share the full workout below and if you have any questions please shoot me an email to


1) Incline barbell press 20/15/12( warm up)

12/5/2/1/5/6 working sets 

My weights used (185/225/245/245/225/205)

2) Pendlay rows 15/5/5/5

My weights used (225/315/315/315)

3) Seated flat chest press machine 20/12/10/8

4) Seated close grip cable row 20/20/15/15 

5) Pec dec 20/20/20 drop set 10

(After the third set of 20 reps, drop the weight by one stack. Perform five reps in a standard fashion, second set of five reps hold and squeeze in the middle as hard as you can) 

6) Overhand lat pull down 15/12/10 drop set 10 


        Ab roller 3 sets 20 reps

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