Does where you train matter?

Does where you train matter?

So many gyms! :

So I'm sure that a lot of you probably wonder why I'm constantly training in so many gyms. Truth is I really am just all over Long Island so I'm almost always training at more than one gym in a weeks time. For a while, my home gym was Unique Fitness in Farmingville.  I had been training there consistently since about 2013/2014 up until a month or so ago since I moved to Deer Park (No I won't tell you my address lol). I happen to be right around the corner from one of the best gyms on Long Island in Deer Park known as Profit. If you live on long Island you might have heard of it before, if you're not then you really just have no idea what I'm talking about and should probably stop reading lol. 

Sooo why Profit?: 

Well.. other than the fact its about a five minute drive from my driveway, Profit is honestly my ideal gym. When I first started training, all I had to work with was an old bench press, squat rack and dumbbells. So to me, I always preferred "older" equipment. I like the feeling of being in a "gym" not a physical fitness center and if you don't think theres a difference than you're sadly mistaken lol. To me, a real gym is a place that you can really let loose, not have to worry about being loud, aggressive etc. Its a place you go to "get better" not simply stay in the same shape you're in or to have a "social hour" I know for myself, I would' t be able to thrive and be successful in any other type of gym. So whats my point ?

Training in YOUR ideal environment: 

Your fitness goals in my opinion, need to directly correlate to where you train. for example, an older women would probably not find herself in an old raggy hardcore gym now would she ? Much like a cross fitter would not really thrive in a typica corporate gym since they need access to non conventional equipment and space. If you aren't seeing the physical progress you are after and your workouts are some what dragging you may just need to switch gyms and train somewhere thats more like your own personality ! I know for me it makes a huge difference and quite honestly can make or break a good workout. That being said, if you are on Long Island and looking to switch gyms I HIGHLY recommend you come check out Profit in Deer Park. You definitely won't be disappointed ! I'll post the link to their website here: 

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