Dumbbell only chest workout!

Dumbbell only chest workout!

What’s up guys! I hope you are all enjoying your MDW as best as possible with the given circumstances. Although some states are allowing gyms to reopen, I think it’s safe to say  the majority are still closed forcing us all to continue training from home to the best of our ability. Having said that, I wanted to share this dumbbell only chest routine I performed yesterday that I throughly enjoyed. I performed two giant sets consisting of three exercises each. If you’re unfamiliar with giant sets, basically you will move from one exercise to the next with NO break between exercises until you’ve completed all three exercises for 3-4 rounds! I guarantee you this workout will have your chest pumped beyond belief! Make sure to tag me in your workouts if you try this so I can show you some love. The full workout went as followed: 

Giant set A: 

1) Incline dumbbell fly X 15

2)Incline dumbbell press X 12

3)Body weight push ups to failure 


Giant set B:

1)Dumbbell Hex press X 10

2)Around the worlds X 12

3)Dumbbell plate press X 10 (Holding plate between your hands pressing high, straight out in front of you, and then low equals one total rep) 

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