Finding your "Fitness"

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Finding your "Fitness"

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. After getting beat up by last weeks humidity I'm definitely enjoying the cooler weather this week. So there's something that Iv'e been wanting to discuss with you all. I actually already had mentioned this in on my IG story earlier this week however, I wanted to make note of it here as well for those of you who enjoy keeping up with the blog. 

As you all probably know from Instagram, Snap chat etc, I currently am hosting season two of my 30 Day Lean and Mean Challenge. This second season is going great so far and I have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone participating which makes me feel very good! However, the other day I happen to have a conversation with one of my participants who is finding himself struggling to remain "motivated" when it comes to training. We know each other well, having gone to high school together as well as the fact he's competed in my challenges in the past. 

He explained to me that he has trouble getting himself going and has been struggling to stay in a positive head space while in the gym. My initial response was to make sure that everything else outside of the gym was going smoothly(That's always most important) and he assured me it was. This started to leave me thinking what it could possibly be that's holding him up from the progress he wants to make. It then dawned on me.. 

"Bodybuilding" styled training is not for everyone. It's also not the ONLY WAY someone can be "fit" and lead a healthy lifestyle. With so many other styles of physical training that exist, there are plenty of options to choose from. What I spoke to him about was the fact that maybe following a bodybuilding training regime isn't for him, or at least not anymore and he may just be bored of it.

I told him that he should try a new form of training  and see if there's something else that he can find himself motivated to do, thus allowing him to seek progress consistently and adhere to it for the long term, which is what health and fitness boils down to.. Find what you enjoy doing, as well as the healthy food choices you enjoy eating and you'll have a recipe for success. Don't over complicate it. If this sounds like you, then try something new. It might just be exactly what you need.

As we're going into friday tomorrow, I hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy weekend! Talk soon.

Anthony Confessore

Owner: Confessore Conditioning 

"Create The Best You"

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