Friday delt date!! Shoulders 1/10

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Friday delt date!! Shoulders 1/10

Hey guys good morning! Actually writing this as I do cardio lol. So last night Brittany and I got in an awesome shoulder workout together. It’s actually one of her favorite muscles to train so it always makes for a good workout together. Friday’s I usually train early am around 530 so it was real nice to train with a little more food in me and sleep under my belt lol. We started off with standing military presses using the bar.. Last week we used dumbbells. I like to alternate each week to keep both sides balanced when on pressing! Definitely wanted to focus on pressing movements as you can tell though. After that we got in a good mix of supersets and drop sets to end the workout. After that we grabbed some poke!! One of my favorite post workout meals. If you guys haven’t heard of or been to, Kai Poke in Huntington and Massapequa are the best there is when it comes to Long Island Poke! Thank me later and tell them I sent you! Lol Anyway, I’m gonna bang this cardio out but here’s the workout from last night. 

1)Standing military presses (barbell)

Warm up sets: 20/15

Work sets: 15/10/3/1/6/8

My working weights: 135/155/175/185/155/145

(Scale to your needs)

2)Bent over dumbbell reverse fly X dumbbell laterals 20/20 20/20 20/15 20/15

3)Rope attachment face pulls 15/12/12 drop 15 

(Slight pause start the bottom of each rep)

4)Seated machine press 18/15/12/ drop 5 drop 10 

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