How did “FitNFat” come about?

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How did “FitNFat” come about?

The Story: 

So I’m sure by now many of you, if not all of you have seen the Instagram account my girlfriend Brittany and I had started “FitNFat” which highlights our favorite places to grab some good grub near and far! Being a natural bodybuilder, I do take nutrition very seriously and I remain consistent with giving my body the right amount of nutrients it needs in order for me to achieve my physique goals. Over time my fitness goals have changed. When I was younger I was simply obsessed with being as big as physically possible. I would try my hardest to gain as much weight as I could thinking that every lb I had gained was purely muscle (It was not) However these days, I strive to keep a rather lean physique year round. For those who don’t know, a competitive bodybuilder typically finds themselves on stage at about 3-5% body fat. I strive to keep myself between 9-10% year round. So if I’m so into being “fit” why start a new venture that puts not so healthy or clean food on display right? Let me explain..


Aside from fitness, I do truly enjoy food. In fact, If I was able to live a second life I would most likely come back and put myself through culinary school and learn to cook professionally! I love trying new foods I’ve never had before and I may honestly be the least pickiest eater you’ll ever come to know (Brittany can attest to this) Yes of course, I do enjoy simple things such as burgers, pizza etc and I do enjoy those regularly. However, I do appreciate wide variety of genuinely good tasting food from all ethnicities such as Italian, Greek, Asian and more. Unfortunately, despite not being a slice of pizza or burger, these foods are still not the most beneficial for me to eat on a daily basis due to how they are prepared so they are still considered a “cheat” meal for me. Taking all this into consideration, one night while Brittany and I were indulging in some good food we had the idea to post about it to share with those of you who follow either me or her. The main goal was and is still simple, to provide a highlight of the best food we can find! I want to show people that yes you can enjoy good tasting food while still maintaining excellent shape. Essentially, it all comes down to balance and keeping your diet primarily comprised of clean healthy foods the majority of the time leaving a little room for all the other good stuff that we would all love to eat on a daily basis if possible.. and trust me I wish it were possible lol. Talk to you guys Soon!


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