How to have better workouts by yourself

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How to have better workouts by yourself

So if you're like me, you probably enjoy the company of someone in the gym.. and not in a talkative manner lol. Growing up an athlete I was always a part of a team. I enjoy seeing others accomplish their goals and better themselves and its for those exact reasons I typically enjoy training with a partner. Unfortunately, it's not always realistic due to conflicting schedules. More often than not, you can find me training with my girlfriend Brittany, however even we have our days where we simply cant get to the gym at the same time. 

I know for myself, when I do hit the gym alone it can be hard to get myself going at times. Especially if I'm about to train a body part I don't necessarily enjoy a whole lot. I've recently tried to overcome this more effectively and I believe I have found the perfect solution to combat days like this.. Let me explain

"Time flys when you're having fun"

Even more so when you keep track of it. Which is exactly what I've been doing! So as of late, when I am forced to train by myself I've been keeping my phone out and have had my stop watch open the entire duration of my session. Basically I've been keeping a much closer watch on my rest time between sets. Not allowing myself to rest for more than 60 seconds.

How exactly does this help me?

Well for starters I am forced to focus more on the task at hand being there isn't all that much down time between sets. One thing I have noticed is that my mind seems to travel less. I focus all my efforts on recovering and mentally prepare myself to take on the next set. In addition to the improved focus level, it also intensifies the session a lot lol. Having only 60 seconds between sets to catch your breath is not a whole lot of time. So if you're performing difficult exercises that require more effort you're automatically going to be exerting yourself more which will result in more calories burned. What does that mean for you? A better session! 

By putting yourself on a time clock you're automatically forcing yourself into having a better session. There's no time to think or question anything and you literally will not know where the time went! Before you know it, you will find yourself on your last set and the session that you weren't all that excited for is in the bag and handled accordingly. As I mentioned, I have been doing this every time I train by myself and its helped me tremendously. I can honestly say I have had some of the best sessions recently because of doing it. So, if you do find yourself struggling on the days you are a lone I highly recommend giving this a try! Talk to you guys soon. 


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