Keeping health in fitness

Keeping health in fitness

Should I “bulk” up? 

The truth on bulking:

Like everyone who has ever wanted to start weight training in hopes of gaining muscle, eventually there comes a point when we begin to realize that lifting weights is only half of the equation we’re trying to solve and that ultimately nutrition plays an equally if not more important role when looking to alter ones body composition and muscle mass. Sooner or later we’ll eventually hear the term “eat big to get big” which is then when the flood gates open and we begin eating everything in site thinking it is all going to turn to muscle which is completely.. WRONG! Eating an abundance or surplus of healthy wholesome food is needed to gain lean muscle tissue, however eating everything in site aka “bulking” is something I myself have fallen victim to and I say victim because there isn’t anything beneficial about it at least in my opinion and more so for other natural fitness enthusiasts. The excessive gain in body weight is simply unhealthy and the majority of the weight gained is not muscle tissue so why want to gain it in the first place !?




Why Don’t I bulk?: 

I personally don’t bulk myself for a few different reasons but above them all is honestly for health and wellness purposes. Growing up wrestling and then turning to weight training and living the bulk/cut life. I found that it really was just physically draining and inconvenient to have to do time and time again and thought to myself that there had to be a better way to go about doing what I love doing and seeing progress. I told myself after my last competition which was an extreme cut going from 230lbs to 185lbs in 13 weeks that I would never “bulk” again and would instead maintain a relatively lean physique which would be no more than 15-20 lbs above my stage weight year round. Since doing so I can honestly say that I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been, I’m also the strongest I’ve ever been pound for pound and get to enjoy the perks of rocking a lean physique year round which is when I do want to indulge and treat myself I’m able to without it really having an effect on me. Ultimately I think this approach is a much healthier and sustainable way of doing things more so for the natural fitness enthusiast as our bodies simply don’t react the same way to certain nutrition protocols as our enhanced counter parts. With that being said, I strongly urge those reading that are living the bulk/cut life to give this approach serious consideration as I guarantee you will look, feel and perform better in and outside of the gym ! If you have any questions on how I go about it feel free to message me and reach out ! 


-Anthony Confessore 

Owner: Confessore Conditioning 

“Create The Best You” 

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