Legs 1/14

What’s up everybody!! Happy Friday eve 🙌 So I’m gonna try to keep this one short, sweet and to the point! It’s 10:04pm exactly as I’m typing this (In case you wanted to know lol) Anyway!

On tap for today’s training was my second leg day of the week! This day is more so focused on hamstrings and glutes being that on Sundays I pretty much just squat. Yes I have a day dedicated to squatting lol. Squats are without question the best lower body exercise one can do and in my opinion, if I was only able to do one exercise in general for the rest of my life it would be.. SQUATS!

Now I didn’t always do this, but since gyms closed and stayed closed for so long (Especially here in NY) I purchased some gym equipment, readjusted my training split and it just made sense for me to dedicated one day to squats because my leg workouts were limited and I didn’t want them getting too repetitive on me.

So as I was saying tonight’s workout started off with some hamstring/glute exercises and then I wrapped everything up with some quads. As always the FULL workout will be posted below with all my sets and reps included. If you got questions for me all you need to do is email me and I will get back to you!

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend!


Warm up: Stairs 15 minutes 

1)Single leg hamstring curls 20 (warm up) 15/15/12/12

2)Dumbbell RDL 20/20/15/10

-Worked up in weight each set to 130lb dumbbells on my final set!

3)Thigh adductor X Abductor superset 

20/20 20/20 20/20

-Make sure you aren’t going too heavy that it causes you to move your hips too much during your set. Let the inner and outer thigh muscles do the work!

4)Leg press 20/20/15/10 drop 15

-Working up in weight each set from 4 plates a side to 7 plates. This was late in the workout and the first time doing these since BEFORE quarantine lol. So I didn’t go all that crazy and kept my rep range moderate at 10 or better.

5)Quad extensions 15/12/10/10 

6)Seated calve raises 15/15/15

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