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Legs 1/19

Good morning guys and Happy Monday! I know some people out there may dread the fact that today is Monday but I personally look forward to them. I aim to be as productive as possible on Mondays because It allows me to set the tone for the week. I genuinely look forward to each and every day I have on this earth and aim to live life on 100.. Leaving nothing on the table every day. Just trying to maximize my life in every way possible and be all that I can be in the things I do. So if you're reading this, drop those Monday blues, get up and kick ass today in everything. Lets GO!!! I do know that if you are reading this,chances are you're most likely here for the workout from yesterday so here we go!! This workout was actually really simple but it felt phenomenal!!!  I had decided to actually drop squats yesterday because I'm planning on some heavy dead's tomorrow and didn't want to kill my lower back. Especially considering my hams and glute's were still shot from the leg workout I performed a couple days prior. Yesterday however was a quad dominate workout with a good mix of reps that only took about an hour to finish! So if you're hitting legs today give this a go and tell me what you think! 

1) Quad extensions X seated leg curls 20/20 (warm up) 20/20 20/20 20/20 15/15 

2) Leg press 20/20/20/20 (Increase weight each set. I went from 5 plates all the way up to 8 plates a side) 

3) Hack squat 12/12/10/10 drop 15

* Aim for a brief pause here to really get emphasis on the quads 

4) Thigh adductor 20/15/12/12

Core: Ab roller 20/20/20

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