Legs 1/2 (Good Luck lol)

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Legs 1/2 (Good Luck lol)

First leg session of 2020.. Man was I excited for this one. I knew I really wanted to kick my own ass today and that’s exactly what I did! Lol. This was a pretty unique workout and although it was my hamstring dominate leg session of the week (Quad dominate day being Sunday’s) I decided to throw in some high volume hacks in the middle of the workout. Really hit the legs from all angles with this one. If you’re up for it, give this a go in the next coming days or whenever you plan on hitting legs again. Make sure to tell me how you like it! You can find me on IG: @antconfessore or email me directly at confessoreconditioning@gmail.com Have fun!!! 

Warm up: Bike ten minutes, foam roll 5-10 minutes 

1)Seated leg curl 25/20(warm up sets) 

 Work sets: 20/20/15/10/10 

2) Single leg curl 12/12/10/8

3) Hack squats 2 plates 20 reps/ 3 plates 20 reps/ 4 plates 15 reps/ 5 plates 6 reps/ 4 plates 10 reps/ 4 plates 10 reps

4)RDL with dumbbells 20/20/15/10

*90lbs/100lbs/110lbs/120lbs (My weights used)

5) Glute bridges on smith machine 15/15/12/12

*Sauna 15 mins followed by stretching!!! If you aren’t stretching you WILL eventually pay for it!!! 




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