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Legs 1/30

Alright guys so here we go with a good old leg day! This was from yesterdays workout which was a hamstring dominate leg day for me. Hit this workout at LA fitness, which unfortunately is slightly limited in their leg equipment (Especially when it comes to hamstrings) so I typically end up sticking to fewer exercises and just work for more volume. Reps were on the higher side last night as I'm planning on some heavy back squats this coming Sunday, but regardless this was a great session and had my legs pumped front to back! Give it a go and let me know what you think! Want me to train you? Email me here: 

1) Lying hamstring curls 20/20/15/10/8 drop 12

2) Good mornings 15/12/10/10

Weight used: 135lbs/185lbs/185lbs/185lbs 

3) Single leg extensions 20/15/12/12

4) Goblet squats (Heels elevated) 20/20/20/20

Weight used: 100lbs/120lbs/120lbs/120lbs 

5) Hyper extensions (Weighted) 15/12/12

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