Legs 10/17

Legs 10/17

You guys know how much I LOVE training legs. For me, there isn't a more satisfying feeling than coming in the gym and absolutely demolishing a good hard leg workout. This one from last night definitely had me stumbling after my last set lol #HowItShouldBe. 

Most of last nights session was focused on hams and glutes. I really believe that training legs twice a week is a must for ANYONE regardless of what your fitness goals are.We have so many muscles in our legs and they literally make up HALF our body! Why wouldn't you train them twice a week?! Not to mention, you will burn WAY more calories hitting legs than any other muscle group.

Splitting my leg training up between one quad dominate day and one hamstring dominate day has been most ideal for myself. One aspect to my leg training I stay consistent with is I always work in two squat like movements for the week. Heavy barbell squats are saved for my quad dominate days while I usually hit either a goblet squat or hack machine mid workout on my hamstring dominate days. 

I know you guys came here for the workout though so I will share it below. If you have any questions on how/why something was done in a certain way feel free to email me directly at confessoreconditioning@gmail.com

Legs: (Hamstring dominate) 

1) Lying leg curls superset quad extensions 20/20 (warm up light weight)

working sets: 20/20 15/15 15/15 12/15 *lower weight last set on each 20/20

2) Seated leg curls (2-3 second holds at the bottom of each rep) 15/12/12/15

3) Barbell RDL

10/10/8/8 @315LBS

4) Adductor machine superset Abductor 30/30 30/30 20/20

5) Goblet squat (heels elevated on plates)

20/20/2020 ( I used 80-100lb dumbbells)

6) Seated calve raises 30/30/30/30

(10 reps toes pointed in, 10 reps toes out, 10 reps toes straight) 

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