Legs 10/20

Legs 10/20

Goooood morning guys! Firstly, I'd like to start off by saying I hope everyone reading had a safe and enjoyable weekend (outside of the rain yesterday) lol. I was actually hoping to take a trip towards upstate NY for some hiking yesterday but was forced to reschedule to another dryer day. Crazy to think Octobers already coming to an end next week! 

Saturday I didn't train, depending on what the rest of my day consists of I'll either take off Saturdays or hit some cardio and core work in the morning. I did get a little outside walking in (Roughly 30 mins) which is still cardio in my book. A lot of people I notice get caught up in performing one certain type of cardio. Switch things up and have fun with it! As long as you're moving you ARE doing cardio! 

Yesterday, myself and Brittany got in one hell of a leg day. A whole lot of squats were in order  as per usual! Sundays are always my heavy leg day and when I train them during the work I incorporate some more variety while also focusing more on hamstring work a oppose to quads. I felt extremely good though yesterday and managed to hit a new PR for myself of 425lbs. Although I don't train for powerlifting, I do still aim to increase my one rep maxs on my main lift over time. A stronger muscle will almost always be a bigger one in my opinion so I train as heavy as possible for as many reps as possible. 

By the time we were finished, we had completed SEVEN working sets of squats. I say working sets because the first 2-3 sets I don't count towards the workout which I feel is where a lot of people go wrong in their training. From my experience, I know many people that will count sets as a part of their workout that were not even a struggle for them. In their minds, they see themselves as completing 4-5 sets while in reality they only struggled on the last 1-2 sets. They will then wonder why they aren't making progress with a certain muscle group. This is something I URGE everyone reading to consider.. Know the difference between a warm up and working set so you don't chest yourself! 

The full workout from yesterday went as followed. The focus was obviously on placed on squats which is why the volume is higher there. Remember to scale weights back to yourself. If you try these workouts its important you don't alter the volume simply adjust the weight so you can get the most out of it! 

Leg extensions: 20/20 (warm up) 20/15/12/10 (Working sets)

Squats: 15/12(warm up sets) 10/3/1/1/4/8/16 

Working sets went as followed: 315lbs/365lbs/405lbs/425lbs/ 365lbs/ 315lbs/275lbs 

Single leg press: 15/15/12/12

Lying leg curl: 15/12/10/8 


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