Legs 10/31

Legs 10/31

Well with Halloween being yesterday, the gym definitely was slightly less crowded than normal, but I am definitely NOT complaining about that lol. I got in a nasty leg session last night that was so good it was hard to stop and go home! Everything clicked really well and just felt great all around and I was very pleased with the session as a whole. 

Normally, I save my heavy squat oriented workouts for Sundays being I'm usually on my feet less but I just had the itch to move some weight yesterday so I went with my gut and hit the squat rack! I didn't work with too heavy of a weight though. Normally I would work up to a heavy set of roughly 2-3 reps but I wanted to switch things up for myself last night.

Basically what I decided to do was work with 75% of my max (315lbs) for working sets. My first set I came out very strong and nailed 13 reps. Each set after that was slightly less than the next but that'll be expected if you try this workout so do NOT feel bad lol. After four working sets with the weight, I dropped things down and went for AMRAP set to finish off before getting on with the workout. 

This workout was VERY high volume and the reps were also fairly high as well. I started out with a light super set to pre exhaust  the muscles and get the blood flowing before heading over to the squat rack. I hit a pretty wide variety of exercises but like I mentioned earlier I felt better than usual and when I feel really good I absolutely take advantage of it! I will share the full workout below if any of you wish to try it and challenge yourselves with a new routine! 

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email to confessoreconditioning@gmail.com

Warm up:

Bike ten mins followed by foam rolling

1) Quad extensions super set lying leg curls 

20/20 20/20 15/15 12/12 

2) Barbell squats 12/10 (warm up sets) 135lbs/225lbs

13/10/7/6/15 (working sets) 315lbs for the first four (Use 75% of your max weight) 225lbs on the last set for an AMRAP set. 

3) Single leg curls 


4) Leg press

20/12/8/8 drop set 6 reps, drop set 10 reps

5) Seated hamstring curls (2-3 second pause on each rep) 15/12/10/10 drop set 15

6) Hack squat with full pause


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Owner: Confessore Conditioning

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