Legs 11/1

Well I don't know about the rest of you guys but I cant really think of a better way to start the month than with a leg workout!!! Normally on Sundays I have bene solely focusing on squats, and during the week I have a separate day for more accessory type movements. I decided to switch things up yesterday though and placed a little more direct emphasis on quads early on. I Started off with some higher rep front squats and went from there! Awesome workout overall that can be done with minimum equipment. Give it a shot! 


1) Barbell Front squats: Bar/10/10 (Warm up sets)

Work sets: 15/15/12/12 (225lbs AMRAP) 

2) Overhead dumbbell lunges 10/10/10 

*For reference I used 50lb dumbbells 

3) Barbell Good Mornings 12/12/10/10 

*Really placed and emphasis on the eccentric portion of each rep 

4) Cable hip adductions 10/8/8 

- I normally would use a adductor machine in the gym but I have been doing all my training from home so I simply swapped it for a cable variation. Just to note.. You cannot go very heavy with this exercise. If you do decide to go the cable route, focus on controlling each rep as best you can!



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