Legs 12/19 (Hamstring/Quads)

Legs 12/19 (Hamstring/Quads)

First leg day of the week last night! I always get a bit more volume/variety in on this day since my second leg session of the week puts a heavy emphasis on squats which usually take up the majority of my time. The focus of this routine though was hamstrings but I was slightly limited being my lower back was still EXTREMELY sore from deadlift's this week. I tried to stick to mostly machines and anything that would keep stress off my lower back. 

If you live in New York like I do, you would have felt my pain with the 20 degree temps of yesterday lol. Being it was so cold I really made sure to get a good warm up which can truly make or break a workout. However, I feel a lot of people often overlook warm ups in the gym and see them as a waste of time. I cant tell you how often I see people walk in and get right to their working weights within minutes and I cringe!  One wrong move and you can seriously injure yourself. Giving your body the time to truly warm up will keep you doing what yo love to do for years to come. For lower body training I typically like to start off with a light cardio warm up (15-20 mins) followed up with some foam rolling/mobility work to really prime for body for whats to come!

Anyway, lets get down to business and talk leg day! This workout had a few different rep ranges and definitely had me pumped beyond belief. If you have any questions on it just shoot me an email to confessoreconditioning@gmail.com 

Warm up: Stairs 20 mins (It was cold lol) 

Foam rolling 5-10 minutes 

1)Lying leg curl 20/20/20/20 drop 10

2) Single leg curl 12/10/8/8

3) Good mornings 15/15/12/12

4) Vertical leg press 20/20/15/15 drop 10 

5) Single leg extensions 12/12/10/10

6) Calve raises seated super set with standing 12-20 reps on each 4 sets total

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