Legs 12/22

Happy Monday guys! It's crazy to think waking up today we're just about a week away from 2020! This year has really been a great year overall in every aspect of my life! I'm looking forward to bringing in the new year and chasing down more progress in everything!!!

Yesterdays workout was extremely productive and I felt very strong during it. If you've never seen a leg workout from myself before this may not look like a lot but that's because I train legs twice a week! One day I primarily focus on squats and being they take up a lot of time, my volume on other exercises is always slightly less. The second day I train legs I incorporate a few more movements and work more accessory type of exercises. 

I'm doing my very best to stick to my word and provide you guys with my workouts weekly. These are not geared towards any one person specific so ANYBODY can do them. They are simply my very own workouts that I put myself and Brittany through lol. They are meant to be challenging and intense!!! If you have any questions with anything you may see please feel free to email me here and ask away! confessoreconditioning@gmail.com 

Warm up: Incline walk 15 mins

Foam roll 5 minutes 

1) Quad extensions 20/20/20

2) Squats 20/15/12 (Warm up sets) 


Work sets: 275lbs/315lbs/345lbs/365lbs/385lbs 


3) Leg press 15/15/12/12 (slight 2-3 second pause at the bottom of each rep) 

4) Walking lunges 10-12 steps each leg REPEAT TWICE (Use approx. 25% of your max squat) 


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