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Legs 2/26

Alright here we go, first leg day of the week! This workout was hamstring dominate yesterday and I honestly didn't even touch my quads which I will usually do but I decided to work more glute's into the mix. The focus of the workout was Romanian dead lifts which i hit right after warming up on the leg curl machine. I always like getting blood to the muscles prior to starting a compound movement! Overall this was a higher rep workout which usually feels best for me when it comes to hamstring training. Either way I got a pretty nasty pump early on so give it a go and enjoy! 

Warm up: Bike ten mins

1) Lying leg curls 25/25/20/20/15 

2) Romanian deads (with barbell) 225lbs/20 275lbs/15 275lbs/15 275lbs/15 

* I felt really good hitting 225lbs so I decided to jump up to 275lbs. Rather than going up in weight after that (Which I could have done) I decided to stick to 275lbs and keep aiming for 15 reps. 

3) Thigh addcutor X thigh abductor 20/20 20/20 20/20 (Really love hitting these two as a superset) 

4) Seated leg curls 25/20/15/10 drop 10 

5) Glute kickbacks 20/20/15/15

Abs: Captains chair leg raises 20/20/20

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