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Legs 2/9

Happy Monday guys!!! I hope everyone had a very safe and enjoyable weekend. This past week was a little weird for me training wise, which left me unable to train legs during the week. Knowing I was only going to be training them once, I made sure to absolutely smash them yesterday! I didn't really focus on one specific muscle group for this workout, just wanted to really destroy my legs as a whole from top to bottom, front and back lol. My legs were insanely pumped from the very beginning of this workout! Fair warning: The high rep goblets will wreck you! lol Let me know if you guys have any questions though, I hope you enjoy this workout and have a great week!  

Warm up: Bike ten minutes + Mobility work  

1) Quad extensions 20 (Warm up) 20/20/20/20 drop 10 

2) Goblet squats 20/20/20/20/20 (This LA I was at only went up to 100lb dumbbells so I stuck to high rep sets. Inserted 5lb plates under my heels to get better depth) 

3) Lying leg curl 20/15/12/10/8 (Increasing weight each set)

4) Glute Bridges on smith machine 15/12/10 drop 15 (Hold each rep at the top for 2-3 seconds!) 

5) Single leg press 15/15/15 

*This was a really good way to finish the workout off focusing on one leg at a time. Don't neglect uni-lateral work! 

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