Legs 8/30/2019

Legs 8/30/2019

Last day of August guys! Pretty insane actually. Time seems to  fly in general but these last couple months have been going by incredibly fast! I won’t complain though because I absolutely love the late summer/fall season! I’m probably the biggest pumpkin spice fan on earth, even more so than the 13 year old who lives next door to you LOL.

I’ll definitely fit in some fall treats into my diet over the next few months and share them all with you on Instagram page @fitnfattt which is dedicated to sharing some of the best food around. As many of you know I stick a very clean diet majority of the time (90% of the time) and enjoy myself on occasion. When I do I like to seek out new and creative places so I’m always looking for a good spot to get my grub on! 

Anyway.. yesterday’s workout was my second leg day of the week. Dedicated fully to hamstring and glute work. This is my second full week of my new training split and I have to say I’m digging it so far. I started things off with a simple leg curl to get blood flowing to the muscles. After a few sets there the main focus of the day was Romanian deadlifts which I felt quite strong on. I was able to work up to 365lbs/165kg which is fairly heavy for me.

Everything else was performed with higher reps for the most part which seem to work best for my personal hamstring development. I actually went ahead and worked in some Jefferson squats which are a pretty unique exercise not many people do these days. Their a bit old school which is probably why but I like to work them in every now and then. If you’ve never tried them before I highly recommend giving them a go. The flute and hamstring pumps these will give you is insane and you’ll also feel it in your quads a good amount!

I’ll post the full routine below for you guys to try. If you have any questions be sure to reach out via email at confessoreconditioning@gmail.com I’ll catch up with you all next week! OH and before I forget my entire website (All coaching and training programs are 20% off till Monday in honor of Labor Day. All you have to do is enter the discount code “LABORDAY20” once you checkout! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend, stay safe guys! 

Anthony Confessore 

Owner: Confessore Conditioning 

“Create The Best You”

Full routine:

1)Seated leg curls

-20(warm up) 20/20/20 drop set 10

2)RDLs with barbell 

225-12 315-12 345-8 365-4

*Scale weights back to your own needs 

3)Jefferson squats

15/15/15 (alternate stances)

4)Inner thigh SS Outer thigh

20/20 20/20 20/20

5) Glute bridges


3 sets


*3 second hold at the top of each rep


20/20/20/20 (straight,inward,outward,straight)


Leg raises 20/20/20


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